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 For the Invisible Woman
of that generation that lived for everyone else, but themselves.

For those women who have always been really self-sufficient. 


The person that nobody needs to worry about.  So they don’t. 


You’ve turned 60 and you now have watched everyone else around you achieve amazing things and secretly you feel disappointed in yourself, your life. 


You find yourself out there, invisible.


For the generation of Invisible Woman that are now ready to be seen.  But how? 


This is the community you’ve been waiting for.


Your Magical Journey can now begin.  


The Journey of 'Who am I?'


This journey, this community, this movement is about helping you.

Helping you to realise and understand, that there is so much more to life.


Judythe will be your Guide.

ABOUT Judythe


International Psychic Medium

World Renowned Author and Speaker


Educates the curious through her magical 12 step Learning Experience.

Judythe is both a natural born mystic and a scholar.  She has been a professional Intuitive Medium and Therapist for over 4 decades offering workshops throughout Australia and now the World.


Judythe is a highly respected speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and consultant.


As part of The Invisible Woman Generation herself, she is now teaching women that they are free from the shackles of their upbringing.

Judythe invites you into your next chapter.